Infrastructure and
Digital Solutions
For Russian-designed NPPs, high-volume manufactories, industrial systems and metropolitan areas
Comprehensive digital infrastructure design and engineering service to ensure the best operational experience for complex industrial enterprises at all lifecycle stages

Methodological and engineering consulting, design of IT tools to be implemented at the next life-cycle stages. Hardware purchase, supply and installment

Scalable data centers turnkey development and construction

Modular data center:
from 12 to 100 racks

Easy-to-build data center:
from 100 racks

Stationary data center:
from 500 racks

Private industrial LTE network at the enterprise for safe implementation of Industry 4.0 digital solutions
IaaS: private cloud setup at clients' premises or ready-to-use virtual IT infrastructure for business in the secure Rosatom cloud
Secure broadband communication channels, satellite communication lines, wireless communication systems
Enterprise IT systems
and services deployment
and integration
Physical and industrial safety systems set up at the facility
Wireless communication system set up at the facility using the Push-to-Talk technology
Digital Infrastructure
Life-support systems maintenance
in modular and stationary data centers. Technical support of the digital infrastructure operation
development and operation
We propose a wide range of infrastructure solutions and cloud services on the base of Rosatom geo-distributed disaster-resistant network of data centres and infrastructure sites.

3 of our data-centres are already operating in Russia, 5 more are at the design stage.

Our data centres meet the highest standards of critical data storage and management.
Xelent DC
Capacity 10 MW, 984 racks
TIER III reliability level
Xelent-2 DC
Capacity 28 MW, 2 100 racks
At the design stage

StoreData DC
Capacity 1,6 MW, 170 racks
TIER III reliability level
Arctic DC
Polyarnye Zori, Murmansk region
Capacity 1 MW, 48 racks
Modular DC

Moscow-2 DC
Capacity 35 MW, 3 640 racks
TIER IV reliability level
Kalinin DC
Udomlya, Tver region
Capacity 48 MW, 4 656 racks
TIER III reliability level
Modular DC Site
Capacity 32 MW, 30 units

In operation
Innopolis DC
Innopolis, Republic of Tatarstan
Capacity 16 MW, 2 000 racks
TIER III reliability level

Design and construction
total planned capacity
reliability level
From 12 to 100 racks

Quick-mounted DC

From 100 racks

Modular DC

Location selection
and recommendation
Design, construction
and supervision
Technical, business
and marketing research
Concept and project
IT infrastructure
Design, development and operation of stick-built, quick-mounted and modular DCs
Stick-built DC

From 500 racks
Digital Solutions
We use our DC infrastructure and secure enterprise cloud to develop the portfolio of our own and partnership cloud services and digital assitants.
  • Virtual Desktop
    Service for technologically independent workplaces management and support
  • Private LTE
    Private industrial LTE network deployment for the safe implementation of Industry 4.0 digital solutions at your enterprise
  • Motor Vehicle Monitoring
    Enterprise car and truck monitoring system
  • Video Analytics for Industrial Security
    Video analytics platform using neural networks for industrial, construction, and mining facilities
  • IT Translator
    Portable tablet translator based on AI technologies for effective dialogue with foreign partners
  • Geographic Infosystems
    and Technologies
    Development of corporate systems based on advanced software and geoinformatics technologies
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